Part III – A New America…. and so it goes

Puerto Rico voted yesterday to become the 51st stateBarack Obama said he would honor their vote.

Almost 80% of the island’s electorate took part in the referendum, the fourth in the past 45 years.

With almost all the votes counted, almost 54% voted to change the island’s relationship with the US.   And in reply to a second question on what future they favored, nearly two-thirds wanted full statehood…

…A young voter in the capital San Juan, Jerome Lefebre, said: “Puerto Rico has to be a state. There is no other option.

“We’re doing okay, but we could do better. We would receive more benefits, a lot more financial help.”

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59 Responses to Part III – A New America…. and so it goes

  1. It is no mere coincidence that a dependency community, who has turned away all prior historical opportunities to join a “personal responsibility” culture, now finds it more acceptable to join an association more in alignment with their beliefs.

    American has become the new Beacon, and visible model, for a dependency state.

    • boricuafudd says:

      As someone who has lived in the island and still has property and family there, I have to make some corrections. The poverty level is true, but it does not take into account that the cost of living, for most the rural island is very low, and so are the wages. The per capital income is equivalent to that of Louisiana. The work participation rate is higher than the one in the states even with a almost 14 percent unemployment rate. As with any other state, there are Urban areas that have a high percentage of people that are more dependant on government. The thing is the funds provided by the Federal programs are not the same as those provided to states, so another source of income is required. The islanders at this moment don’t pay Federal income tax, but do pay other Federal taxes, that disparity would be erased.

      There are more than 200,000 veterans in the island, 5,000 have served or are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan currently. My grandfather and his brother both served on Korea, with the 65th Infantry, my grandfather also served in WWII. The 65th regiment earned alone received 2 Silver Stars, 22 Bronze Stars and 90 Purple Hearts in WWII. In Korea it earned 10 Distinguished Service Crosses, 256 Silver Stars, 606 Bronze Stars, and 2 Medal of Honor citations.

      The people of Puerto Rico are mostly conservative in social issues. though the influence from the liberal states of NY and Mass. have made a dent on those views, specially in urban areas. The majority is pro-life, anti-gay marriage and pro 2nd Amendment, where they have been battling the local government and its anti-gun laws. They also highly educated the engineering program at the Mayaquez Campus of the UPR has graduated 70 of the 114 NASA engineers at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, with more working at the other NASA facilities.

      There are many obstacles remaining before the status of the island reaches a resolution, even if it appears that Statehood was the choice, the way it phrased and the local opposition to the proposal means an uphill battle. the issue will not be resolve in 4 years.

      PS, the governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuno was proposed as a running mate for Romney based on the policies he implemented in Puerto Rico. Many saw his policies of cutting taxes, laying off government workers, and renegotiating with the public unions a model for the US.

      • Compare the stats of workforce employed within government compared to US….,

        • boricuafudd says:

          Without a doubt does figures are troublesome, just think they were worse 4 yrs ago. Yet, the figures are a little deceptive as some of the contracts these employees work for are such that most work 2 jobs. For instance, school janitors make 1200 a month per contract.

          Average government worker, makes about $30,000 compare to the US avg. of $51,000. Regardless, the % of government workers is troubling, and does need to get addressed.

  2. allhail2 says:

    Katie bar the door. Another super wel-fare state. Bush 2 should have turned them loose on their own. Now we are extra screwed.

  3. ZurichMike says:

    It is a non-binding referendum, and requires approval of Congress. Not going to happen when the price tag is made public.

    • I’ll bet you this website you are wrong. I know this with absolute certainty.

      No price tag is too large for such a valuable future grip.

      I will personally move my family, and any future generation of my family, to your locale, and become indentured servants for you and all your future generations, giving up all FREEDOM for the rest of our lives – if I am wrong.

      I am not.

      That is how certain I am of this soon to come to pass !!

      • jwoop66 says:

        An island full of democrats? I’m not gonna take that bet.

      • jello333 says:

        Wow dude! That’s some certainty right there. ;) Hey, something struck me about the DJIA action today. It opened with something like a 200 pt gap down. Isn’t it true that, when there’s a big gap at the opening from the previous close, that the numbers generally rebound quite a bit during the day? But today… nope… just down even more, and staying there the whole day.

        • jello333 says:

          Oh, and just in case my smiley makes anyone wonder… no, I don’t approve of Puerto Rico becoming a state, either.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Look up the “Tennessee Plan” and how Tennessee and Alaska became states.

    • jordan2222 says:

      Obama will issue an executive order that his future executive orders are the law of the land and require NO Congressional approval. Protesters will be carted off to Gitmo.

      I am joking, of course, but a lot of my previous jokes turned out not to be so funny.

    • elvischupacabra says:

      Screw it.

      So we don’t have to replace all the flags, Puerto Rico can just take Texas’ place. We’ll get the hell outta here and take Oklahoma and Louisiana and anybody else that wants to go, with us.

      The Republic of Texas shall rise again……. y’all!!!!

  4. John Galt says:

    41.4% below the poverty level, they need welfare, unions and Obamacare. Oh, and electoral votes.

  5. And Mexico votes to become # 52…

  6. rumpole2 says:

    It could get worse.
    The United State of Europe and America.. perhaps know as “Spectrum Nation” or “Gaia Obamus”
    Don’t worry about the “stock market” Al Gore can rejuvenate the “Carbon Credit and Beads Exchange”
    If the dollar falls.. just adopt another currency, stupid. The “Obamollar”

  7. Eddie Sessum says:

    Is there any good news?

    • michellc says:

      Not really.

    • NO.

      A New Republic will be “needed” somewhere. But where it spawns is not yet determined.

      • rooferx says:

        I was thinking this exact thing today. I was thinking about our founders and why they went through so much to “get away” from suppression and a gvmnt they did not like.
        Will this split the nation permanently? Create more underground society?
        People are already moving today on account of elections in some state. Where will they go? We can’t all go to Texas, Alaska, or the Dakota’s, can we?

        • michellc says:

          I haven’t even looked to see exactly which states went for Romney or what the total percentages were, but I know at last count Obama won 33% of the vote in Oklahoma. I’m game for kicking those 33% out and making room. So that could be a first step all of us red staters kick out the idiots and tell D.C. we’re out of here.
          I was told by someone today pretty high up in the military to not be shocked when there is a floodgate of military leaving. The military is pretty fed up and to use the words said to me, we’re not going to risk our lives for a man who leaves us behind and we’re not going to put our lives on the line for useless citizens who value free shit over freedom, there is nothing left to fight for and we’re done.

          • Patriot Dreamer says:

            That fits right in with The Destroyer’s plan to decimate the military. He is working on gutting it. Having a lot of people leave voluntarily just makes it easier for him. And the people who stay in are more likely to be Progs.

            • michellc says:

              I’m certainly not going to blame them. Why should they put their life on the line for this disgusting man? Why should they put their life on the line to protect the rights of people who don’t want rights? Not to mention they have their own rights violated by their commander-in-chief.
              I would say this country deserves exactly what they voted for and the sooner they have to live in that reality, the better.
              Yeah, we’ll all suffer greatly, but we’re all going to suffer anyway, so we might as well hope for it to come as soon as possible.

              • Patriot Dreamer says:

                Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t blame them at all. I’m a veteran myself. I do understand. But I also think that this is part of the Prog. plan to demoralize and decimate our military. Makes me very sad. :(

            • MikeH says:

              Progs have no discipline and can’t fight effectively. Bank on that. Look at the NATO troops in the ME. Most are absolutely ineffective and have no business behind a trigger.

        • thefirstab says:

          “We can’t all go to Texas, Alaska, or the Dakota’s, can we?”
          C’mon down heah, where the skies are so blue (but we’re RED).
          The fishing and hunting are great! :D

        • ragnar says:

          I have been all over the place. There is no other country to go to. It will have to be here. Or maybe we could let the Puerto Ricans come here and we could all go there. Better weather.

    • 22tula says:

      Art Thompson recently answered that question Eddie. Rick Wiles interviewed Art Thompson on May 30, 2012 – Scroll Down

      or direct May 30, 2012 link. Interview begins @ 14:15

      Here’s the good/bad news @ 32:08
      “The problem that we deal with, in dealing with these people, is that we are dealing with criminals. The problem they have is, they’re dealing with criminals,(laughing). So they always have rivalries amongst themselves. It is incredible. Everyone wants to be the leader…” – Art Thompson

      Art Thompson – Weekly Commentary
      via The John Birch Society You Tube Channel

      The good news – Communication via internet/Social Media/FB.
      I noticed that some people posted that they are going to defriend their FB friends that voted for BO. Please don’t do that. Maybe a better way is to keep your FB friends.
      I think that maybe some people voted for BO, because they just didn’t know.
      Art Thompson said to Rick Wiles @ 30:00 – “If You don’t know what the problem is, you don’t know what the solution can be.”

      What You can do is post articles, videos, audio links on your page. As you know, your posts will then go on your news feed. You friends can block your feeds, or they can read them. People don’t like to be lectured to, but they do like to find things on their own. They can see your posts via the news feed or they can visit your page, without You being the wiser. That’s a good thing. No threat to them. Just don’t get into a discussion. Know your audience. I would not post Rick Wiles, because IMO he is a little doomie & gloomy. You don’t want to scare off your friends from your site. Also what are You For? is important too. That’s why I like to post links on history, philosophy, business, music, humor etc. Ex.

  8. czarowniczy says:

    Seems dome in Britain are feeling the loss also. As England wallows under the onslaught of ex-colonials and Muslims some are seeing the ship of English-born democracy running headlong into the rocks:–best-hope-Earth.html

  9. Sal Paradise says:

    How come we don’t get to vote if we want them or not? Did I miss something?

  10. chevymisty says:

    I was sick most of all last night…like physically sick…I feel better today but not much…What happened to this world? The parasites have infested America and over taken us. We are now a socialist country like all the others. I read a Brazilian man telling us (America) that we have now pushed ourselves into being a third world country. They know…they live in one. I don’t even know what to do at this point except keep on going. Since my husband works for the government (a contracted government deal) I can’t even say much as opposition as he could loose his clearance which he needs to work. Not sure how much longer I can even be on here.

    • michellc says:

      I feel like someone I love died and I guess in a way that’s true, my country has died. I’m either bawling my eyes out, yelling and screaming to just wanting to curl into a ball and never get up.

  11. Artist says:

    Oh Boy!, Just 6 more states to go, and the ASS++++ will finally be right, “57 States,” ( all on welfare,) Throw in a few “corpsemen” for good luck, oh, and, one of the states can be Kenya, then he’ll finally be a real American … on no, I forgot, his mother Was an American, even though no one really knows who his father was, Malcolm X ? Frank Marshall Davis?
    Or, maybe the Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream store owner, where our vastly experienced (his only real job before his anointment,) Conmander and Cheat worked at in Honolulu?
    Mr. Artist

  12. They should become the 51st state. Their mindset is perfect. Not to gain Statehood in the great nation in the world, but to receive “more benefits and a lot more financial help”.
    50% of the population will be required to buy new flags at 3 times the current rate or pay a fine (it’s not a tax) to provide flags for everyone else and the people of Puerto Rico.

  13. czarowniczy says:

    Hey gang, remember West Side Story:

    Puerto Rico
    My heart’s devotion
    Let it sink back in the ocean
    Always the hurricanes blowing
    Always the population growing
    And the money owing
    And the sunlight streaming
    And the natives steaming
    I like the island Manhattan
    Smoke on your pipe
    And put that in!
    I like to be in America
    Okay by me in America
    Everything free in America

  14. James F says:

    I used to love this song back in the eighties when I was an angry young man. I haven’t listened to it in twenty years but couldn’t help but think of it when I read 51st state.

  15. akathesob says:

    So “who” are the other six “undocumented” states?

  16. Sal Paradise says:

    How about a swap? We get rid of California and take PR?

  17. elvischupacabra says:

    Oh, sh!t. They could call themselves, “The Welfare State”.

  18. apachetears says:

    We can call it…….OBAMA ISLAND!

  19. ragnar says:

    Why don’t we all move to PR and take over. We could start an exchange program. They come here we go there. The weather is great.

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