Trayvon Swung on a Bus Driver? Impossible!

Major hat tip goes out to geosurface for linking to this most outstanding video…as well as giving me a title I couldn’t refuse.  Observe how some 17-year-olds are entirely capable of inflicting indiscriminate violence against innocent people…once they’ve been shown there’s “No_Limit”.

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67 Responses to Trayvon Swung on a Bus Driver? Impossible!

  1. rumpole2 says:

    Congrats Geosurface/Ad Rem… you have it published again :)
    I see it’s “unlisted” at YT… I hope that works and it is not taken down this time.
    The Creepers will see it linked here at CTH though… fingers crossed that it stays up.
    Always a good idea to disable comments for a YT related to this case… unless you want a bit of fun with the stuff that gets posed in comments :D

  2. John Galt says:

    Wow, that’s keepin’ it real.

  3. James F says:

    But, but…they are just baby-faced children victims!

    “The parents advised that the Victim was a very good son and was very affectionate and still had a baby face.”

  4. WeeWeed says:

    And then the bleeding hearts are always surprised when these “disadvantaged yoots” get shot for their efforts. :roll:

      • myopiafree says:

        Next time, on of these “anti-concealed- carry” people get attacked by a thug like Trayvon – perhaps they will have an epiphany – if they survive the encounter and recover in a hospital. That is how some “liberals” change there mind, about the 2nd amendment, and people like “No Limit Nigga” – go out to put the “Bangazz on a white Cracka”. Yes, some blacks are racists – in the worst way.

  5. James F says:

    I wonder if they will ever release the video of these two teenage thugs pulling a Travon?

    The mother of a Meriden teen killed in a deadly stabbing is defending her son.

    On Wednesday, police said Deandre Felton, 15, and DeShawn Jones, 13, were high on drugs when they jumped a man on Kensington Avenue last month. That man then stabbed the teens, killing Felton and injuring Jones.
    “I just don’t believe it. My son was not raised to be a troublemaker,” said Valda Felton. “I don’t want them or anyone else to make my child out to be a villain.”
    Meriden Police said the teens were at Westfield Mall before the attack and allegedly admitted they were high on drugs and wanted to look for trouble and beat someone up.

  6. justfactsplz says:

    If they look for trouble long enough they will find it.

  7. pet says:

    No longer comfortable just with my shotgun.

    Handgun purchase on payday Friday.

    Election/Trial = Perfect Storm. I’ll be ready.

  8. howie says:

    People need to finally and completely understand. The American Media has become ….Strawberry Fields Forever. Nothing is real. Yes, it is that bad.

  9. geosurface says:

    Thanks for posting this Ad Rem, and thanks for reuploading it to YouTube, though I hope they don’t think I uploaded it again haha. They might get impatient with me.

    Here’s hoping it stays up this time.

    For any Trayvonites reading this, I assure you the point here is not just to be needlessly inflammatory or hurt anyone’s feelings. I believe an innocent man is going through a modern day witch hunt, and I am by no means assured of the rightful outcome. The point of this video is to draw attention to things about who Trayvon was that impact directly on whether it’s believable that he did what GZ claims or not.

    We don’t know for sure if the bus driver incident happened, and this is why I presented the video merely as an invitation to consider whether it’s possible, whether such behavior is really as rare and unthinkable as many have acted like…

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Geo – Yes, you are correct. It was initially hard to believe that the overt facts stated by George Zimmerman were correct. Yes, George was punched in the face, and then his head was being beaten into the cement – until George had no choice but to shoot. All of that is accurate.

      But the real difficulty was to figure out the two-faced nature of Trayvon Martin – and the intense anger he felt towards “White” people. Most of us just don’t “understand it”. Your video can help us understand the reality of the “Thug” habit of some of these people. It does explain what “No Limit NIgga” was attempting to do to George – and George’s statement fully verifies what Trayvon was attempting to do to George. Thanks!

    • Ad rem says:

      Not to worry! This upload shouldn’t in any way be associated with your original YouTube upload Geo. It’s been modified (ahem).

    • lovemygirl says:

      I believe they know George’s story is real. They just conflagrate the gang violence, mass killings and true self defense into the same bucket.

    • rumpole2 says:

      I think your video makes a good point… simply that it is POSSIBLE for a mere 17 year old to behave exactly as GZ says TM behaved.
      I don’t think the Trayvonites will get it though.
      They have a “static” mindset rather than a “dynamic” one. They are not capable of logical thought and discussion really. I doubt that they can not comprehend the point you putting forward.
      To them: “Man with gun kills child without gun” end of story. They often revert back to saying just that.
      They can not see that there are many other factors involved… such as “man with gun attacked for no reason” or “The “child” is in fact large, and physically well able to attack another person and his recent behaviour shows that he perhaps is inclined towards violence”
      It really is a “flat earth” sort of mentality… the World looks flat.. and so it is.
      Fits in with the medieval, lynch mob mentality too.

      • rumpole2 says:

        For them TM’s age (just 17) is synonymous with “child”
        Respectful of adults, well behaved, involved with study at school, etc
        Yet the video shows just a small sample of individuals aged 17 and less who do not fit that stereotypical view of “child”
        Also, “Man with gun” equals violent aggressive red neck type… they could dispell that false stereo type if they did one of there famous POLLS… ask who owns/carries a handgun :)
        I know for a fact that at least some of the ladies there do. Apart from teir other failings they are being hypocritical.. they carry guns themselves.. and I am 100% sure they would have shot TM if they found themselves in GZ’s position.

      • geosurface says:


        I personally think a healthy suspicion of teens, especially male teens, and particularly male teens who embrace a certain aesthetic and cultural template (and you see teens of all races embracing this, btw, though not in equal percentages) is good for one’s self-preservation.

        If you go around with your head in the clouds and thinking of all teens as harmless little babies, you may or may not have a rude awakening in store at some point.

        And as others have said that is sometimes what is required for people to snap back to reality on such issues.

        Now personally when I was 17, many years ago… I was really quite harmless. I was a computer nerd and spent my time playing Ultima Online (the World of Warcraft of it’s day) or Quake, or Diablo. I watched movies and read books and never acted in any sort of violent or delinquent way at all. I did have a brief spat of minor delinquency at age 13, but for the rest of my teen years, and certainly since… I have been a model citizen. So I know there are good teens out there, teens you shouldn’t worry about at all.

        But a person has to know how to recognize the difference, and if that is something people want to call “profiling” so be it. It can save your life.

        If I’m walking down a dark street at a late hour, and nobody is around… then suddenly I round a corner and see a group of 6 late teenaged black males, my feelings are going to be very different if they are all wearing khaki pants, glasses, bow ties and striped Cosby sweaters as they snort and nerd-laugh about their latest Dungeons and Dragons session, or if they’re all dressed up as anime characters having just come from a convention… than if they’re all looking shall we say, a bit more Trayvonish.

        If they’re all in hoodies, slinking around with that walk we all know, trying to look intimidating, and looking like they want to find something criminal to do, and yes… a person can pick up on these sorts of things, George could, and too many Trayvonites deny these sort of instinctual perceptions.

        Conversely, if it’s 6 white male teens my reaction will vary greatly to a group looking nerdy or preppy or even frat-boy (though that one begins to border on worrying) vs. a bunch of Eminem wannabes with tattoos over every inch of their bodies, looking unnaturally thin like meth-heads, with those ratty little goatees and wife beaters, and sagging jeans.

        Yea, profiling is important if you don’t want to get your head bashed into the concrete or lose your wallet, or get shanked. George’s instincts about Trayvon seem to have ended up pretty spot on IMHO, thought he was a druggy and a burglar… turns out he was both. If anything it seems like George underestimated how bad of a criminal TM was. And learned the hard way about it.

        • lovemygirl says:

          I got angry when some white suburban teens in a nice town were breaking bottles in front of my home. I confronted them, was ignored and a few fingers were thrown my way. I followed them for 1/2 a block then realized 12 to 1 odds were not good. The cops caught up with them and I identified them. What bothers me is they could have turned around and killed me without even thinking about it.

          • geosurface says:

            Even now, MOST white kids (certainly not all) seem to at least have some degree of shame when caught, they might react in a very disrespectful way… but with them it is still TYPICALLY possible to sort of “run them off” as you did. They will still typically view an adult or authority figure, whether it’s a neighbor, shop keeper, whatever… coming and yelling at them, as a sign that it’s time to leave. They may not leave gracefully, but they will leave. Usually.

            The unfortunate thing is that among the black youth, and again this is a generalization, not an absolute rule… there are first of all obviously the black youths who are fantastic, studious, responsible, intelligent, and don’t do anything wrong at all… and then there are the ones among the black thug youth who behave as I just described MOST white thugs/troublemakers doing, where they will run off… HOWEVER there is a growing percentage, and it is a significant percentage, who do not view an adult yelling at them as their cue to beat feet. They do not settle for just yelling insults as they leave, or flipping them off.

            No, they view it as “time to prove myself” and put the bangaz on some crackas. All too many of them will launch an assault, or at least a punch, or failing that, an extremely aggressive, loud, in your face intimidation attempt, complete with threats and perhaps pushes. This is also very common among a growing subset of even females. Again NOT ALL, just too many. Disturbingly many.

            It may sound like I’m overblowing it but I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the time honored tradition of “oh crap, a grown up, let’s get out of here!” is one of the bedrock things that sustains civilization. Once enough youthful criminals abandon it, and once there are enough youthful criminals, and I believe both categories are growing… well, that’s not a world I want to live in. Unfortunately, I think it is one I will live in.

          • Ad rem says:

            Whoa….big brass ones. ;-)

        • ftsk420 says:

          Profiling is a good thing to do. It may just save your life one day. I was the complete opposite from you. I ran the streets got into fights been locked up a few times. What kept me alive profiling. Everyone in the hood does it. The ability to be able to tell what a person is gonna do before they do it could be the difference between ending up in a ditch or making it home to drink milk and cookies. There was many times when a women would walk past me and clutch her purse or lock her car doors I have no problem with that she was right for doing it.

          • Sha says:

            ftsk420: Why do you think so little of your self ? You are very hard on yourself. Take what you have learned and teach others from it . Change lives you have lived it who better to relate to troubled teens then you.

          • Ad rem says:

            You’re exactly right. The progs have cast negative aspersions and connotations to many perfectly decent words. What’s wrong with a person being “discriminating”? Would a sane person choose to eat at a cockroach infested restaurant, or would they let their young daughter date some unknown dude with a primered and windowless van?

  10. Lynn says:

    My husband and I are truly divided when it comes to this case. He believes that George should have listened to the “police orders” and not pursued Trayvon and PROFILED HIM. That argument lasted about two days. I tried to see his reasoning, and one night after getting off work (I work until about midnight), I needed to stop at my favorite convenient store. Lurking outside were two young black males (both in hoodies) and two more inside. Knowing that there is only one clerk in this store at a time, I chose to drive past the store. I came home that night and said “Honey, I understand where you’re coming from. I did profile tonight.” He said “Well, there are certain types of people that you should just be aware of and avoid putting yourself in jeopardy.” BINGO!!! I think I won that fight! .

    • geosurface says:

      That’s the thing, even those with whom profiling sits very badly, and makes uncomfortable… (and I think it probably does this to all of us on some level, and I wish the world didn’t require it…) still do it, in their own personal lives.

      Even the most ardent lib (which I was myself, not long ago) will not be found moving into certain neighborhoods, or walking in certain areas at night, or at all…

      And if they’re smart, there are certain configurations and numbers of certain types of people who, if seen ahead of them on the sidewalk… will make them consider, strongly, a course change. Because personally I’d rather be a big meanie profiler and sterotyper who has no black eyes or broken nose or lost teeth, and who is most importantly alive… and unshanked, than to retain my unblemished liberal-approved moral purity, as I lay dying in the gutter.

  11. Lynn says:

    Let me add, please. I am an ex-probation and pretrial release officer. Years ago I had a young black man on pretrial release. He beat the crap out of a young man walking through his neighborhood for the boy’s asthma medicine. His mother showed up with him during his first meeting with me and she said “He only roughed him up a little.” She didn’t know that the young man who was roughed up was my best friend’s son. He was beaten within an inch of his life. That was one of the hardest meetings of my life. I couldn’t say a word to this mother and only explained his conditions of pre-trial release. Well, that sweet young man (his mother’s description), was charged only two weeks later with pistol whipping a man and raping his wife who was 8 months pregnant. Honestly, folks, true story. Life has hardened me.

    • geosurface says:

      I’m sorry to hear about you going through that, and that kid going through it. Did he even have any use for the asthma medicine btw?

      Life is hardening me more and more too, thankfully not through really bad personal experiences, just a growing awareness of things I had previously tried to deny or not think about.

      If you’d talked to me even a year ago, I was vehemently anti-death penalty. I have undergone a huge transformation on that issue, I still have a lot of issues with the way it’s administered, the costs of it, the chance of innocent people being put to death… but I often find myself now feeling that even people who’ve done something like what you describe, where he didn’t actually kill anyone… should be just shot, and I’m not sure whether I really mean this or not… but it feels like I do.

      I think actually the best case scenario is a citizen kills someone like that, or the cops are forced to. Because I no longer believe everyone can turn themselves around like I used to, I no longer believe all human life has inherent value and worth. There are 7 billion people, and I firmly believe (this is based on evidence) some people are born with brain chemistry, DNA, etc which puts them beyond the reach of civilized society. If we can eventually treat them with gene therapy, fantastic, I’m all for it.

      Meantime? Blow them away.

      • Lynn says:

        Thank you for responding. I’m not sure why they ever beat up this young man (does asthma medicine get you high?), but it was horrible. Especially that I had to explain to my friend that he was out on pre-trial release and I was the officer. It was unfortunate that I had the husband of the pregnant wife on a charge of Possession of Cannabis less than 20. A misdemeanor. He couldn’t pay his monthly probation fees because he needed to get an alarm system. When I got home that night, I sent a large check to his home. He used it to get the alarm. It’s a good thing I’m no longer there as I would probably be fired by now. lol

      • tickletik says:

        You are making a horrible mistake. This is all the result of a system designed to seperate men from their children. A feminist family court, anti religious schools, welfare that enables feckless women to replace fathers. These as well as a cynical corporte run media that glorifies the worst forms of advertising and behavior. AND a weak court system and a non homogenous population has created this nightmare.

    • scubachick75 says:

      Wow! That’s horrible! And then to top it off, raping a woman that’s 8 months pregnant. You are a true professional to hold it together like that. I hope your son’s friend recovered. I can imagine the long lasting emotional effect that must have had on him.

    • ftsk420 says:

      Life has hardened me too.

    • Sha says:

      Lynn : Thats a heart breaking story.

  12. myopiafree says:

    This is a very powerful video. Some people are “afraid” of a certain group of teens in “Hoodies” And you wonder “Why”? This issue is common-sense and self-preservation.

  13. nameofthepen says:

    December 06 – Good grief! I just now ran across this excellent post.

    Shows ya just how far behind I can get sometimes. :|

    (P.S: The video is still up. :) )

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