Benghazi-Gate Hearing Today Noon (livestream link)

The congressional hearing on the Benghazi, Libya Consulate attack is schedule for today at Noon Eastern.

The hearing will be broadcast on CSPAN and also Live Streamed HERE

HEARING ENDED 4:10PM EASTERNif you missed it you can catch the entire hearing again on CSPAN rebroadcast at 9:00pm EST


Ms. Charlene R. Lamb – Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Programs, Bureau of Diplomatic Security,  U.S. Department of State

Mr. Eric Nordstrom – Regional Security Officer, U.S. Department of State

Lt. Col. Andrew Wood – Utah National Guard, U.S. Army

Ambassador Patrick Kennedy  – Under Secretary for Management, U.S. Department of State

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69 Responses to Benghazi-Gate Hearing Today Noon (livestream link)

  1. cajunkelly says:

    Unbe freakin lievable

    Implausible Denial? State Dept. Now Says It Never Blamed Anti-Islam Film

  2. howie says:

    MSNBC has a new reporter to cover this…..

  3. ctdar says:

    Lamb is speaking now describing compound physical site and what happened on 9/11

    • ctdar says:

      Already halted due to Chaffetz (Utah Rep)objecting to whether photographs being shown are classified or unclassified. Obama administration has last word on whether information can be available to general public….

  4. Josh says:

    Just got here. THANK YOU for this link!

  5. ctdar says:

    Undersecretary of state management, Kennedy speaking, backing Rice, etc, state talking points. Is the Secretary of State going to be called to the chair??
    Issa tough, getting writings placed in record given by whistleblower that state trying to keep classified…possibly documents by Ambassador Stevens that State is trying to keep
    from being released.

  6. ctdar says:

    Dan Burton bringing up fact that State Department never said the word Terrorist when referring to the attacks & why not

    All of Committee, even Cummings going hard on witnesses

    • John Galt says:

      “never said the word Terrorist”

      Of course not. We refer to islamists who wish to kill Christians and install islam and sharia law as “allies” and “heroes”.

      • ctdar says:

        Yes but whole point of not saying the word terrorist is so obamas administration not linked to any attacks during their watch for the history books or taint 2012 election; proof his administration could not keep us safe

  7. Josh says:

    Ms. Norton calls them “disturbances” in Benghazi

  8. Sharon says:

    Rush just pointing out that absolutely no MSM acknowledging or publishing on this. Even considering we know they are unAmerican malcontents worshipping at obama’s feet–how can then NOT? What on earth do they say to one another at the water cooler–that their slavemasters are consciously ignoring perhaps “the story” of the decade? (no matter whose side your on)….Is it beginning to dawn on them who they sold their principles, their morals, their careers and their nation to?

    • John Galt says:

      “Is it beginning to dawn on them who they sold their principles, their morals, their careers and their nation to?”

      Amber Lyons figured it out.

  9. Josh says:

    As long as NOTHING gets in front of the campaign!

  10. ctdar says:

    Kucinich, Den/Ohio

    Pissed and really lambasting state departments policies

  11. ctdar says:

    Chaffetz just brought up the fact “pay increase due to danger rising” wow so state denies extra security but raises the employees pay!!

    • Sharon says:

      “….state denies extra security but raises the employees pay…”

      Yes. Now that you understand that, deal with it. (sarc/ not directed at you ctdar!)

      • ctdar says:

        Yeah chaffetz calling state out on their excuses for pulling security when in fact they knew how dangerous it was.
        Way to avoid liability from the families since all those working over there accepted pay raise?

  12. boricuafudd says:

    Its the Republicans fault for cutting the funding, those damn conservatives, ROTFLMAO.

  13. Josh says:

    Mr. Lynch from Massachusetts seems giving an “out” to the bad guys!

    • ctdar says:

      Sounds like the items that chaffetz is arguing should be kept classified shows more US information or locations that terrorist could use to their benefit.
      The MA guy that argued with him doesn’t get it?

  14. boricuafudd says:

    What does the dead during the Reagan Administration, have to do with the failures of the current one? This is low.

  15. Josh says:

    Stupid question: Does the female behind Mr. Issa not resemble Kate Middleton?

  16. Josh says:

    The Democrat side of the isle seems to often make the issue “us” vs “them”.

  17. Sharon says:

    But asked about the administration’s initial — and since retracted — explanation linking the violence to protests over an anti-Muslim video circulating on the Internet, one official said, “That was not our conclusion.” He called it a question for “others” to answer, without specifying. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter, and provided no evidence that might suggest a case of spontaneous violence or angry protests that went too far.

    Even if it’s just for the sake of her own personal survival (and avoiding prison time), I guess we finally know the answer to the question, “How bad will it have to get before Hillary Clinton stops helping obama lie?”

    I suspect both she and Billy have done the calculator work and realized that neither obama’s financial pockets or public-profile are deep enough to support them in advanced age. Idiots. UnAmerican, lying, incompetent, traitorous idiots.

  18. Josh says:

    Lt. Col. Wood: “I expected it” [the attack]

    • yankeeintx says:

      Even better…Lt. Col. Woods, when did you suspect that it was actually a terrorist attack ?(paraphrasing). His response: “Instantly”.

  19. Josh says:

    Mr. Davis (from Illinois),
    Have the Libyan people ever truly experienced “freedom”?????

  20. boricuafudd says:

    It was a dangerous mission, but their are always bumps in the road.

  21. margegunderson says:

    Will wonders never cease???

    This is on the Opinion page of the “Love Obama – He Can Do No Wrong” Washington Post………. This is a first. Says O’s version of Libya killings is “ludicrous,” and more.

  22. Josh says:

    Go Mr. Meehan!! (re: the blind sheikh)

    • yankeeintx says:

      Did Obama deliberately try to stage a hostage taking in Benghazi as an “October Surprise” PR stunt that blew up in his face? LISTEN LIVE at 330pm CST to find out!
      Posted on October 8, 2012 by Kevin DuJan // Breaking News, Featured Content

      Today I’m going on the radio in Los Angeles to accuse the Obama administration of deliberately attempting to stage a hostage-taking in Benghazi as part of a manufactured “October Surprise” that Obama intended to make himself look great on the foreign stage in the lead up to the election. The plan — if you were paying attention — was set in motion at the Democrats’ convention in Charlotte in early September when repeated mentions of Obama as a “foreign policy president” were made. This was timed to lead up to September 11th…when deliberately lowered security at the Benghazi consulate (and OTHER consulates and embassies in the Mideast) was supposed to encourage Muslims to take Americans hostage like they did in 1979. Only, Obama’s plan was to negotiate their quick released by trading the “Blind Sheik” from the 1993 World Trade Center bombings for any Americans taken hostage on 9/11/2012.

      Read more

  23. Josh says:

    Documents now posted at the bottom of this page (in case this is not already known)

  24. Ambassador Patrick Kennedy is a typical example of a beureaucratic employment…. he visibly represents all the bile and waste within “the system”. What a weasel.

  25. Jaws Jaworski says:

    The black dude with a head that resembles a peanut M&M just emphatically defended Susan Rice. Rep. Gowdy gets my hero award for provoking Elijah’s predictable outburst.

  26. Josh says:

    Mr. Cummings is an idiot!!

  27. sybiljx1 says:


    Nordstrom: “For me, the Taliban is one the inside of the building.”

  28. Mikado Cat says:

    Here is an idea for an editorial cartoon, Obama in a golf cart running over the graves of the four killed in Libya with tombstones showing their names, and the caption “a few more bumps in the road”.

    Too mean, but I’m in that sort of mood.

  29. ctdar says:

    CSPAN is showing repeat of Benghazi hearings now

  30. ctdar says:

    Greta interviewing Issa now

  31. ctdar says:

    Here’s a question for Ambassador Kennedy:
    When exactly was President Obama & Sec State Clinton informed of the details of the
    terrorist attack and who told them?

  32. ctdar says:

    Love Trey Gowdy’s passion for the truth

    • lovemygirl says:

      How can anyone have put it better, “We, the American people want to know why were lied to”.

      • Sharon says:

        I love his passion. Thank God this got the publicity it did today, at this point prior to the election. Regardless of how frustrated we may feel from time to time about events, it’s hard to imagine what the halls of the State Department were like today. I’m still thinking there are alot of peeps filling out paperwork to ask obama for a pardon for their crimes before he leaves office. (or is kicked out of office)…..frankly, I can imagine him and his bride walking out on the inauguration ceremony, refusing to stay….perhaps even refusing to attend. Works for me.

  33. Pauline says:

    This is what happens when Political hacks put inexperienced political hacks in positions over the people who have experience. Those experienced individuals get over ridden by political posturing at the expense of American lives.

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