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The Teachings Of Chicago Jesus

The Genesis of Bill Ayers  (Peoples Cube) Now that Obama has started quoting Jesus, the toiling masses need a special chart in order to understand the Bible and what those passages really mean in progressive, Obamunist terms. So I made … Continue reading

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Anti Clapper

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Sounds Like a Plan – Operation STOP ROMNEY 2012

I’m in…. HatTip JRD – (Reaganite) I don’t know about you, but so far this election year is just not anywhere near the fun as I thought it was going to be… getting screwed-over and treated like a pestering child has a … Continue reading

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Bravo Dear Sir, Bravo – Georgia Congressman Walks Out On Obama…

President Obama has changed the ticket for 2012.  He has removed Joe Biden and replaced him with his interpretation of Jesus Christ. (The Hill) — Republican Rep. Phil Gingrey (Ga.) walked out of President Obama’s speech at the National Prayer … Continue reading

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Susan G Komen Foundation – All Support Should Be Withdrawn

In the initial decision from Susan G. Komen to withdraw funding for Planned Parenthood founder Nancy Brinker made clear the decision was based NOT on political influence, but rather on a fiduciary duty of the organization not to support organizations under investigation.   … Continue reading

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Geek Post: After 20 years of drilling, scientists have almost reached a subglacial lake in Antarctica that hasn’t seen daylight in 20 million years

Which could mean great scientific advances, or the release of an unstoppable evil from its tomb, hard to say, but they’d better keep the flamethrowers handy. If you’ve ever been around “enormously excited” scientists, you know the total level of … Continue reading

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This My Friends is FRILLIANT…..

Hat Tip GracieD

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Egyptians Soccer Fans Angry About How Many Killed At Game So They Take To Street In Protest and Kill Three More….

These Egyptians are ridiculous.   They are furious at the police for allowing them to kill each other and not prevent it, so they take to the street and kill each other some more.  Go figure.   After all the publicity, media reports and articles … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Flashback: The Wikileaks Vindication Of George W Bush….

This original information appeared in 2010 as a result of the discoveries within the Wikileaks 400,000 page document dump.   I’m reposting it again today because someone must keep history accurate.   The information below is totally divergent from what the media writing … Continue reading

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