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Fox News South Carolina Debate Thread 9:00pm

And Then There Were Five… The Republican Debate Series continues tonight in South Carolina.   It will be broadcast live on Fox News and also streamed on-line at Fox.Com  Jon Huntsman is now out of the race so it will be … Continue reading

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Levin Tells Cavuto…“We Are In A Post-Constitutional America” – (Video)

This afternoon, Mark Levin made an in-studio appearance with Neil Cavuto to discuss his new book “Ameritopia”, as well as the current GOP race for president.  It was a great interview where the two discussed an ever invasive and all-encompassing … Continue reading

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The Coordinated Effort…..

As the Obama-left draws the lines to paint you into a corner it is imperative you are able to see through their brushstrokes and avoid the corner.    What you are witnessing in all of the “How Bad Is It Going … Continue reading

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Time For Some Fun

It’s been a hard week so far. We have worked and slaved…what do you mean it’s only Monday? Huh-oh. In that case, I declare it to be time for some fun. Help us out here with some funny pictures or … Continue reading

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We Be Dumb

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How Ugly Is It Going To Be? Eric Holder Joins The Mantra and Uses MLK Day To Blast Republican-Backed Voter ID Laws As Racist…

Note where Eric Holder chose to make his accusations.   South Carolina.   Coincidence? (Politico) — Attorney General Eric Holder used Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy on the anniversary of the civil rights leader’s birthday Monday to emphasize the Obama administration’s dedication … Continue reading

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How Ugly Is It Going To Be? Top Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Blasts Republicans From The Pulpit At MLK’s Church…

Following the political call to arms at the church in Atlanta, the Chicago machine held a voter registration drive after the service……   Think about it?   These are just the first test shots being fired….. On the Sunday before the Martin … Continue reading

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