Denver Planned Parenthood Offers Sex-Ed Texting To Teens…

ENOUGH ALREADY.   This is infuriating with a capital “I”.   I’m telling you honestly and bluntly that if I were a resident of Denver Colorado I would be marching my a$$ down to the friggin PP office and giving them a piece of my mind.    Seriously.   ENOUGH.   What right do they have to create a sex ed bypass around my right as a parent?

There is a ridiculous progressive agenda to continue the sexualization of children through any process possible.   The teachers that have sex with students ain’t conservative folks.  We stand witness to schools facilitating abortion transportation services without parental consent via their clinics.  We stand witness to 5th Grade sex-ed classes teaching methods of oral sex and providing condoms.   We stand witness to the rights of parents controlling their childs sexualization exposure being deconstructed litterally by touchy feely left-wing fantasy play encouraged by the same sick bastards that are defenders of Woody Allen (married his teenage step-daughter), and Roman “the rapist” Polanski.

Now we have Planned Parenthood opening yet another sexual window into the lives of our children without any parental filter for appropriateness.

(Via Daily Caller) Forget about the giggling whispers in the back of the bus or the awkward mother–daughter sex conversations. Planned Parenthood is prepared to answer all your children’s pressing sex questions — at least in Denver, where the abortion provider’s local affiliate has adopted a new program to answer sex questions via text messages.

Giving a whole new meaning to “sexting,” Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is set to allow Denver youth to send their pressing sex questions to the organization right from their cell phones.

The program, “In Case You’re Curious,” or ICYC, is straightforward and easy for Carpal-Tunnel-prone teen texters. They simply text “ICYC” to a special number, along with their questions, and within 24 hours a “highly-trained Planned Parenthood Community Education staff member” will respond.  (read more)

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17 Responses to Denver Planned Parenthood Offers Sex-Ed Texting To Teens…

  1. So, when this leads to underage persons sending explicit images, will they be accessories after the fact?

  2. tnwahm says:

    Planned Population Control tops $ 1 Billion in assets while receiving $487 Million from taxpayers and killing 329,445 babies.

  3. zmalfoy says:

    How’s about they start teaching virtue again, eh? How’s about teaching hte girls to keep their legs together, and the boys respect that. Teach them this awesome power called “Self-control”, and it’s siblings, “Self-respect” and “respect for others” . . . would do wonders for teen pregnancy and STD rates. . .

  4. Good gosh. Trust me, we have a PP office just down the road from our house in Parker, CO, and we’ve been involved in silent prayer vigils out on the grass nearby, but as always with PP, you gotta obey a helluva lot of rules or they throw you in the slammer for “hate crimes.” Those folks got a pretty good gig and get pretty much everything they want from the police and the courts around here; that’s for sure.

    • cjmartel says:

      Hey Grunt,

      The concentration camps got the same support, look at them now. What a lot of people, especially those that advocate slaughter of the innocents, don’t understand is that Americans are extraordinarily patient, but once the patience is gone, LOOK OUT!! I believe that Americans have had enough of this slaughter, fifty three million Americans killed for a “choice”, it boggles the mind that any society can allow this, Now this texting for sex utilized by PP is just another way to drum up business. Think about it, any business will do what it takes to get more people in the door, and these bastards are doing just that. If they can get little Johhny and Mary to start having sex at a younger age then that means there are going to be fresh babies to abort. It is my honest opinion that the good people of Colorado need to put a stop to this, NOW. Fight for your children, OUR children, because these children are going to be our future leaders, they need our support and PROTECTION.
      We are constantly told, violence never does any good, but I wonder. I wonder if enough Americans stood up to the f&%@ing lawyers and politicians protecting this genocide if that would have a positive affect? Just wondering, God forbid that I would espouse violence, which brings me to another point, where the hell is the church in all this? The church has’nt exactly been a ball of fire in dealing with this issue and they really need to get off the sidelines and fight for these children. I know there quite a few pastors and priests that DO fight the good fight, but where are Catholics, Episcopalians, Baptists, the big churches, not just a few brave individuals in those churches.

      • I’m with you. I’ve had many conversations with Ann Barnhardt about cowardice within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church here in America (just to name one church). They seem far too focused on financial and legal survival. But it’s hard to blame them. The same people who condemn them for not getting more political are the same ones who condemn them for being TOO political. They’re criticized for being too weak, and then they’re criticized for being too strong. It’s a no win situation. I’m not letting them off the hook, just saying that they may be doing the best they can by preaching as clearly as possible from the pulpit about the evil of abortion, and at least they have done that. The rest may be up to us.

        • Menagerie says:

          I converted to Catholicism thirty four years ago. In that time I have heard three pro life sermons in a Catholic church. That is just way too little.

          • You’re absolutely right. Within our diocese, it’s better. We hit it pretty hard. We have several hard-core life homilies a year, and during Respect Life time o’ year there’s a field of white crosses out in front of church to commemorate the millions gone that year.

            Menage, do you think there’s a local angle? In Tennessee and Georgia, as you know, Catholics are a tiny minority. They keep a low profile for a reason, and anti-abortion rhetoric generates a lot of blowback. I don’t know, just wondering… But you’d think there would be more from the pulpit.

        • GFCandinthatorder says:

          With great respect for you my friend, I am going to have to disagree with you here. I totally blame the Leadership of the Catholic Church for this. When this all began, where were the public demands? I and you both lived through this. The Church has the power abd uses it when they want. The outcry should have been so great, so demanding and yes willing to sacrifice their lives if necessary to protect the unborn. Do you honestly believe that there was “nothing else we can do” attitude will sit well before God? The yell of a few dominated the majority because of a lack of leadership! You don’t win a battle because of numbers but because of leadership. Since when has the Church not been politically involved anywhere. For HELLS sake they should be screaming from the pulpits about this damnable attrocity which has destroyed this nations strength. If we cannot protect our unborn, our disabled and our elderly, we are not worthanything. I witnessed the sexual revolution and its effect on the church, the gray that has set in is sickening. When the leaders know this catholic doctor and that so proclaimed catholic man, living with another woman while not married because he can’t marry her in the church, is publically doing these things. And still offering them Communion, yeah I believe they have failed in many ways. But the unborn are still dying today and tomorrow. Where is the outcry

          • GFCandinthatorder says:

            I am a Faithful believer in the Catholic Faith. Not in the institution itself but in what its official teachings are. If you dont believe in them and they dont work for you, fine you are welcome to take your personal beliefs elsewhere,but, dont go and grumble about the teachings of Catholocism.Leave. I feel exactly the same way about our God given Country. If you dont like it leave. Dont try and take God out of the country and leave US with mans wisdom. You are a fool! Just Leave!

            • GFCandinthatorder says:

              You got me started,
              When the church has molested its own Saints because they have not the wisdom to see what is before them. When theylock up the Padre Pio’s hide the Eucharistic Miracles, torture the Children Of Fatima and choose their wisdom over what God has given or put before them where is Spirit? Faith is what moves mounyains ot facts. When they have to “prove it” to the world instead of relying on Faith they lose the greatest thing needed and that is Trust. Trust in their God that He knows what is right for them. Faith, Hope and Charity! That is what makes Christians! Not facts. Blessed are those who believe without seeing. And yet we have been entrusted with the Greatest Saints and (facts) miracles beyond measure. 60000 plus saw the miracle of the sun at Fatima and yet the Leaders of the church cant see it (wisdom) when its right before their eyes. Blessed are the mekk and the lowly,

              • Go ahead and vent, my friend. You’re right to be angry about so many failures. But the failures don’t triumph. The Church’s purpose is the preservation of the Gospels, and it IS doing that. Even the miracles and saints you speak of are eventually accepted and held up high. Right now, as we speak, there is a National Roadshow of Eucharistic Miracles (photos and artifacts of bread and wine that have turned into actual flesh and blood during mass) that is touring the country. We’ve been discussing at our parish how to get it to stop here in town, because our children need to see it.

          • Maybe you’re right, GFC. But let me just tell you that I was one of many lay Catholics over the last 30 years MOST scandalized and furious about the failure of the American Catholic Bishops to adequately deal with the crisis in the seminaries caused by the sexual revolution. Then simply didn’t deal with it and let the Devil run rampant, and perhaps thousands of children were hurt and millions of faithful left the Church. I DO blame them, believe me. I don’t defend them at all. But just like Ann B, I stay to fight from the inside, because there is plenty of evil to deal with inside the walls.

            Have they let us down with abortion? Not nearly so much, but probably, yes. Still, compared to the Episcopalians, the Catholic hierarchy has been a shining light condemning the evil of abortion, and they’ve done much politically to fight it. Have you read any of Archbishop Chaput’s (recently of Denver) newspaper articles about abortion? Never any waffling there.

            • GFCandinthatorder says:

              One begots the other. I mean they have beenexposed because it was a disease already there and that is one of the reasons they didnt stand up to theabortion issue in the first place. I have not abandoned my church and faith. It is they who have abandone me. When my parish priest allows barely clothed dancers to dance before the alters with the Holy of Holy present. Whenmy parish priest stands up and proclaims to all publically that he is living with another man and that he is gay and says “so what” you gonna do about it and the Bishop does nothing because everybody already knows He is openly gay. It doesnT get that way overnight. We can go on and on here, and this is not only in HI but many other places. I know whatthe “official” stand is and so do you. So I keep my faith, and I amjust a small voice crying out but I cry and I will (with God Grace) continue to battle the “within” the church walls. How can one lead outside when there own ship is sinking.
              Keep Faith in Christ my Brother.

            • True enough about one begetting the other. And you’re right about all these things. But I beg you not to remain discouraged by what you’ve seen. I’ve seen it, too. I grew up in the 60’s and I hated what I saw so much that I was in open rebellion for over 20 years. But I’ve seen such a renaissance of good solid conservatism within the Church just in the last 15 years that I can’t help but be hopeful. We just got a new assistant pastor in our parish fresh out of seminary, and though only 31yo, he is a great man, truly a living saint. And his great hope is infectious. Hang in there, Buddy. I know you’ve got Christ solidly in your life, and believe in the teachings of the Church, but I beg you not to completely lose faith in the institutional Church.

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