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We Deserve A Little Fun

It has been a rough few days. We have had Glenn Beck tank the Tea Party, viewed the results of more (confusing and conflicting) polls, and had quite the Libertarian – Conservative debate here in the tree. In honor of … Continue reading

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My Wish For Today…..

Indulge me and just CLICK HERE

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Hitler Hears That Gingrich Is Leading The GOP Race…(Video – Language Warning)

Hitler weighs in on 2012 primary, and he can’t believe the Newt Gingrich is now in the lead.  Key screen shot:  “Don’t cry.  Bill Kristol says it’s not too late for Paul Ryan.”  As always….language warnings accompany Der Fuhrer. Thanks … Continue reading

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Newt VS. The Weasels

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How Much Damage Has Glenn Beck Done?

The Bogeyman Have Been Summoned, Not By Any Left-Wing Barnaby,  By Glenn Beck Glenn Beck, in one irresponsible moment, has undone years of TEA party struggle. One moment can sink a presidential hopeful. I do hope this one moment sinks … Continue reading

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Treehouse Advent Calendar — Dec 14

A dear friend texted me today, wishing me a happy Feast of St. John of the Cross. This is the same dear friend who once gave me a book of the poetry of St. John of the Cross for St. … Continue reading

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Obama: “I’m the 4th Best President In American History” – (Video)

Like Tammy Bruce suggests, I think we’ll have to open a couple of new categories to handle this one: Dumb B*stard, and Just Plain Stupid.  Obama was the one he was waiting for.  Dumb.  B*stard.  (Apologies to JS Bach.) Obama: … Continue reading

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz WILL LOSE her seat ….

Karen Harrington is running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida. Last time she took 40% of the vote with only 6 weeks of campaigning. I predict this time she will win and she will win BIG.

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Joe Biden On MSNBC Maddow Show: Because of Obama Iran Is “Less Feared”…

Do you really think the Obama administration psychologically thinks this way?  OR, are they just intentionally lying and misleading people?   Here is what VP Biden Said: (MSNBC) “The biggest thing that’s happened, the president has been able to unite the … Continue reading

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Smoke, Mirrors, And The Insufferables – Obama To Mooch: “You’re a Remarkable First lady, And You’re Cute!”…

Every iota of everything from this administration is scripted to present optics.   It’s insufferably enough to make a person physically ill watching.    The latest round of transparent optics comes from the Obama military victory tour 2.0 going on right now, and prolonged through … Continue reading

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