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We Deserve A Little Fun

It has been a rough few days. We have had Glenn Beck tank the Tea Party, viewed the results of more (confusing and conflicting) polls, and had quite the Libertarian – Conservative debate here in the tree. In honor of … Continue reading

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My Wish For Today…..

Indulge me and just CLICK HERE

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Hitler Hears That Gingrich Is Leading The GOP Race…(Video – Language Warning)

Hitler weighs in on 2012 primary, and he can’t believe the Newt Gingrich is now in the lead.  Key screen shot:  “Don’t cry.  Bill Kristol says it’s not too late for Paul Ryan.”  As always….language warnings accompany Der Fuhrer. Thanks … Continue reading

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Newt VS. The Weasels

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How Much Damage Has Glenn Beck Done?

The Bogeyman Have Been Summoned, Not By Any Left-Wing Barnaby,  By Glenn Beck Glenn Beck, in one irresponsible moment, has undone years of TEA party struggle. One moment can sink a presidential hopeful. I do hope this one moment sinks … Continue reading

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Treehouse Advent Calendar — Dec 14

A dear friend texted me today, wishing me a happy Feast of St. John of the Cross. This is the same dear friend who once gave me a book of the poetry of St. John of the Cross for St. … Continue reading

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Obama: “I’m the 4th Best President In American History” – (Video)

Like Tammy Bruce suggests, I think we’ll have to open a couple of new categories to handle this one: Dumb B*stard, and Just Plain Stupid.  Obama was the one he was waiting for.  Dumb.  B*stard.  (Apologies to JS Bach.) Obama: … Continue reading

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