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Whoaa…. Tingles Getting Palin Leg Thrill ???

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OMG! Sarah Palin Is Going to Kill One of Us With Her Bus Tour of Death…

It’s Day 3 of the “One Nation” tour, and after visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield, the bus wound it’s way through Pennsylvania with reporters trying to keep up.  By the time Palin’s big bus pulled into Philadelphia around noon, there was … Continue reading

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How To Act Like a Weiner 101 – Congressman Calls Reporter “Jackass”.

CNN Reporter happens to be CNN Host John King’s wife……  :(

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Thinking he would outsmart the GOP overall, and Boehner specifically, Obama called for (demanded) a clean vote on raising the debt ceiling in the house.  Requesting no legislative spending reduction attachments to it.  Obama wanted a clean up/down vote on … Continue reading

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Obama’s Approval Rating Among U.S. Military Personnel, Veterans Only 37%, 6 Points Lower Than Civilian Population…**UPDATE**

Pretty damn sad when we have to rely on the UK media to call out our wartime Commander-in-Chief for disrespecting America’s war dead.

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Kloppenburg Finally Concedes Wisconsin Election to Prosser

Hat Tip BFH@iOTW – “The insane beady-eyed nut, who claims she would have been a fair jurist, has finally begrudgingly conceded, saying in the process that she had run a campaign that was “respectful, honest and fair.”  She claimed victory … Continue reading

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Tony D. Weiner…..Victim of Hacking!

Ponder this:  Is weiner hacking really a victimless crime?  Earlier this week, Anthony D. Weiner was surprised to learn that his Twitter account had been hacked, allowing someone to send a photo under his name to a young college student … Continue reading

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Palestinians Say They Will Restart Negotiations Beginning With 1967 Borders And Israel Can Make Concessions From There…

Again, thanks to Obama we see an ally in a total position of compromise.   The Palestinian Authority takes what Obama has said and applies it.  I heard the friggin’ lying Main Stream Media try to spin this 1967 statement to prop … Continue reading

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Texas Pastor Told to Remove Jesus’ Name From Memorial Day Prayer at Houston National Cemetery…

See, it ain’t just and isolated Pastor Jones in Dearbornistan under attack, it happens in deep red states too. This time in Houston, but a least they didn’t arrest him, and make him pay to deliver his prayer…. (Fox News … Continue reading

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Boys, 7, punished for playing soldiers after teachers brand making pistol shapes with their fingers ‘unacceptable’

More ridiculous Nannystatism (Daily Mail) Teachers reprimanded two seven-year-old boys for playing army games – because it amounted to ‘threatening behaviour’.  The youngsters were disciplined after they were spotted making gun-shapes with their hands. Staff at Nathaniel Newton Infant School in … Continue reading

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